Mandala System Pvt. Ltd
Mandala System Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile

Starting from a modest beginning, Mandala System is already a trusted name for software development, IT service and solution in diverse areas of computing. Mandala System Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as one of the leading software development company.

Our interest in Information Technology spans a wide range of activities including system integration, software development, technology adaptation, facilities management and training to turnkey project implementation as well as a wide range of services to support the customers.

Mandala System Pvt. Ltd. software development center is located in New Baneshwor in the vicinity of Katmandu, which is well known for its software development focus.

Mandala System offices are equipped with state-of–art workstations, with LAN and WAN connectivity. As information sharing makes one powerful today, Mandala System provides e-mail and Internet facilities to all associates as enabling technologies for a virtually paperless environment.

Sucess Story

Mandala System Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leaders in the areas of software development and IT consulting. It is established to complement the information technology solutions and business transformation methodologies. It has more than five years experience in software development under client /server and component based environment. Within a short span of time it has established itself as one of the leading vendors in the software development field.

Our software development platform are based on Oracle and Microsoft SQL server at the back–end and Developer/2000, C++ and Java at the front-end on different operating systems such as Novell Netware, Windows NT and Unix.

We follow state-of-the-art design methodology that covers today’s component/web based and GUI software development as in object oriented design methodologies. Older styles of design methodologies, such as Structured Analysis/Structured Design (SA/SD), lack features of client/server and GUI environment. We, thus, avoid using these methods and using truly object-oriented design methodologies.

Two of our trusted products - Management Information System for Industries and Airlines - and many other turn-key software development projects have gained customer satisfaction and have included major customers like Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines corporation, Lumbini Airlines, Gorkha Airways, Sangrila Air, Skyline Airlines, NECON Air Limited, Mountain Air, Yeti Airlines, Surya Tobacco, Janak Educational Material Center, Morrison Knudsen Inc., Nepal Police, Nepal Electricity Authority, Maiti Nepal etc. in our customer database. Our increasing software customer base has put us at the front line of this field.

Mandala System Pvt. Ltd. has already started to focus on many new ventures in software development field, which include computer telephony, intranet development, web-based data retrieval and e-commerce. It has already completed the most demanding web based airline reservation system for the domestic airline operators of Nepal, which is now at its implementation phase.